21 November 2015

07 November 2015


A Skiff with sail at Pool's Island, 1939
Photo credit The Rooms Provincial Archives

04 November 2015

New Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has been almost completely replaced.  We have a new and enthusiastic group who are anxious to make the museum and gallery an integral part of our community.

Please stay tuned!  #SaveBNMG

24 June 2015


The Bonavista North Museum & Gallery will not be open during 2015.
We are going through some changes, and hope that you will be patient and generous while we begin to create a better way to tell the stories of Bonavista North, take better care of our artefacts, and bring new vibrancy to our community.

Please stay tuned as we develop new ideas over the coming months.  We'll be asking for your ideas in just a little while.

See the Events page for information on meeting times.  All meetings are open to the public.

~Board of Directors

14 January 2015

Wesleyville as it was...

Many thanks to Edgar Blackwood for providing these vintage photos of Wesleyville. Six of them show the former Memorial School (now the BNM&G) on School Hill.

09 September 2014

SUSPENDED Installation Shots

Suspended | Works by Luben Boykov & Will Gill | A peek back at Summer 2014 in the gallery
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Oille Sinclair.

08 May 2014

Answer the Call

Nine staff members from The Rooms were here on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, telling us about their plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI and collecting our stories and pictures of mementos.

Our collection has quite a few interesting pieces, which were photographed, scanned, and otherwise documented for possible future use.  Here are some photographs from a local story...

Aubrey Knee, husband of Carrie Kean, writes to his wife.
Job Kean Jr. is Carrie's brother, who died in 1915.
Captain Baxter Barbour was married to Maggie Marcella Kean, Carrie and Job's sister.

"Walking towards the (?) monument of World War I and going up the stone steps.  Front view and in the centre panel from top to bottom are the names of Capt. Bax and his officers and crew as close up snaps shows.  Your brother's name is 2nd from bottom name J. Kean.  Aub
I is the centre panel."

"This snap close up came up pretty good.  Panels on each side of centre are of other ships lost at sea.  Aub"

"This is snap of the crew and the 2nd name from the bottom as arrow points is J. Kean (Job).  How hard it seems to think that a boy of only 13 years of age giving his life at sea beside the Capt. he thought so much of- I thought of Job and the old horse Jerry.  He sure loved that old horse and Jerry liked Job.  How those fond memories came back so freshly.  Aub 1961"

From the plaque at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

30 April 2014

Canada Summer Jobs at the Bonavista North Museum & Gallery 2014

Museum Coordinator
(two positions)

Responsible for planning special events such as open houses, senior's day, children's activities, Canada Day celebrations, etc. as well as giving guided tours of the museum and giving assistance to visitors researching archival materials.

A donation of several books of genealogy research by local historian Clifford Andrews was made in 2008- this material is to be transferred to digital documents able to be shared with interested parties.

Other job responsibilities include regular housekeeping: ensuring clean and attractive displays for viewing by guests, handling cash donations, and performing simple book-keeping tasks such as making bank deposits and recording the number of visitors, donations made, expenses claimed, and receiving artefact donations.

Gallery Coordinator
(one position)

Responsible for planning special events: gallery openings, artist talks or demonstrations, group or special visitors; as well as giving guided tours of the ongoing exhibition. Also aiding the artist's installation of exhibits, learning as much as possible about the art to pass on to visitors. Each event is to be marketed and advertised. Documentation of exhibits for the museum's archives. Submission of article for newsletter and/or webpage. Also responsible for regular housekeeping of gallery, keeping the room clean, ensuring room humidity is at an acceptable level, and adjusting lighting to suit each exhibition's needs.

Each student will be expected to create an article for posting on the museum's webpage and/or newsletter and to help with marketing the organization's events and daily happenings. 
Each position pays $10 per hour plus 4% vacation pay.
Each position has been approved for 35 hours per week for 7 weeks.

Please send your resume with a cover letter telling us why you'd be perfect for one of these positions to:


Bonavista North Museum & Gallery
P. O. Box 257
Wesleyville, NL
A0G 4R0

Or drop off in person to Janet Davis at Norton's Cove Studio.

28 November 2012

United Church Women's Association of Wesleyville, 1946

You can enlarge the photos by clicking them.
This book was donated to our archival collection today by Rosalind Champion via The United Church Women of Wesleyville.  Rosalind recently found the book amongst her father's personal things, and assumes that it came from her grandmother, Sarah Mullett. 
The book has much information for those interested in historical records of the people of the area, with descriptions of teas at Wesley Hall, Roll Calls for several years of the Association's existence.  If you'd like to examine the book, please email us.  We'd be happy to arrange a viewing, or arrange to have the book scanned and added to our website.
Thanks to Rosalind for forwarding the book along.

18 June 2012

June 1944 in Wesleyville

Sixty eight years ago in Wesleyville, Sgt. Robert C. Bradbury, Station
Historian, was writing reports to Army Air Forces headquarters in Asheville,
North Carolina from the Army Airways Communications System Radio Range
The museum has been handed a number of these documents, which will be posted
here in the coming months. If you'd like any more information, or to read
all of these at once, please visit the museum's archives!