31 January 2016

Wesleyville Summer School

Church Summer School
Clifford Andrews Collection, BNMG
Clifford's notes on the back of this photograph:

c.1925? 1930?
Rev. S. T. Hillier

24 January 2016

A Fine Crew?

From the Clifford Andrews Collection, BNM&G Archives
Mr. Andrews notes on the reverse of this photograph:
Wilson Parsons, Jesse Hounsell, Edgar Winsor, Elmore Winsor, Chesley Templeman, Jacob Winsor (of Percy),  (E. B. Sainsbury's Schooner?)

17 January 2016

Cutting Wood

Don Andrews & Dog Team
c.1935 (or 1945?)
Clifford Andrews Collection, BNM&G
Bringing firewood or longers home from the woods... the job is still the same, but our tools are a little different today!

10 January 2016

Young Britons

Young Briton's Parade
Wesleyville, around 1940
From the Clifford Andrews Collection, BNM&G
Mr. Andrews has noted on the back of the photograph:
-Art Sturge
-Henry (or Harry?) Andrews
-Jack Mullett
-Ches Andrews
-Austin Hill

"Lodges of the Loyal Orange Young Briton Association (L.O.Y.B.A.) which currently only operate in the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland were founded in 1881 as a Junior Branch of the Association, which membership is open to all Protestant young men between the ages of 12-25. It prides itself on being the initial training ground for the Orangemen of the future, and provides participation in various social, sporting and community activities."
~ http://bramptonlol5.webs.com/canadianorangefamily.htm 

03 January 2016


Charlotte, Augustus, & Ethel Winsor
These siblings from Wesleyville were the children of Daniel Winsor & Amelia Butt.
Photo from the Clifford Andrews Collection at the BNM&G

01 January 2016

24 December 2015

05 December 2015

Summer 1943 Part 1

Several shots of Wesleyville exist in a photo album belonging to a miss Dorothy Smith.

The album is dedicated: "To Miss Dorothy Smith with best thanks and best wishes from Wesleyville Vacation School, July 1943".

All photos credited to The Rooms  Provincial Archives

28 November 2015

21 November 2015

14 November 2015

07 November 2015


A Skiff with sail at Pool's Island, 1939
Photo credit The Rooms Provincial Archives

04 November 2015

New Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has been almost completely replaced.  We have a new and enthusiastic group who are anxious to make the museum and gallery an integral part of our community.

Please stay tuned!  #SaveBNMG

24 June 2015


The Bonavista North Museum & Gallery will not be open during 2015.
We are going through some changes, and hope that you will be patient and generous while we begin to create a better way to tell the stories of Bonavista North, take better care of our artefacts, and bring new vibrancy to our community.

Please stay tuned as we develop new ideas over the coming months.  We'll be asking for your ideas in just a little while.

See the Events page for information on meeting times.  All meetings are open to the public.

~Board of Directors

14 January 2015

Wesleyville as it was...

Many thanks to Edgar Blackwood for providing these vintage photos of Wesleyville. Six of them show the former Memorial School (now the BNM&G) on School Hill.

09 September 2014

SUSPENDED Installation Shots

Suspended | Works by Luben Boykov & Will Gill | A peek back at Summer 2014 in the gallery
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Oille Sinclair.

21 May 2014